About us

SieberAnalytik Günter Sieber (formerly France-Kontor Inhaber Günter Sieber) supplies crucibles like capsules, crucibles, boats, bowls, nacelles in Sn, Al, Ag, Pt-Rh, Pt-Ir, Ni, Cr, for the analysis. For a large number of application fields, for example chemistry, petrochemistry, biology, agriculture, plastics.

  • Capsules with flat or spherical bottom
  • Crucibles with/without cut openings, with flat, spherical or recessed bottom
  • Crucibles with/without pin
  • Crucibles with centring device
  • Crucibles, flat with/without arch
  • Covers with/without boring
  • Boats with/without handle
  • Bowles with/without cover
  • Aluminium mould for the nanotechnology

Diameters from 1,0 mm to 10 mm and lengths up to 26 mm are available, but also larger crucibles on demand. If you do not find the product you are looking for, please send us an appropriate request. We will then send an offer to you.

We are manufacturer of our products and sell them directly.